What Is Ejaculatory System Training?

The way premature ejaculation has been treated has not changed a great deal up until recently. But all that has changed with the buzz surrounding new training methods that claim to naturally help men last longer in bed.

Sounds too good to be true right? But the new methods referred to as ejaculation system training are getting some raving reviews from men who have used the training techniques to increase their bedroom stamina.

What Ejaculatory Exercises Are Used?

There’s a whole range of exercises and training that falls under the broad umbrella of ejaculation system training with a focus on both mental and physical aspects.

Here are a few of the common drills and exercises that will be included in an ejaculatory training course:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Edging
  • Kegels
  • Focus training
  • Arousal tapering
  • Sexual technique coaching
  • Meditation Methods
  • Sexual re-education (to change detrimental sexual asumpti0ns)

As you can see it’s not all about your member. And its practitioners say this is precisely why this new wave of premature ejaculation exercises works so well for them.

Better Than Pills And Sprays?

If you do any kind of search online for premature ejaculation treatment or advice on how to last longer in bed you will quickly be inundated with ads and paid reviews for all types of spray and pills said to help you delay ejaculation. So you can see why many guys might come to the conclusion that they need these products to have any chance of enjoying normal sex life.

But the glaringly obvious problem with all these approaches is that none of them offers a permanent fix. In practice what this means is that each and every time you have sex for the rest of your life you are going to have to use one of these products. That is great if you are a company selling these products, but not too great if you are the one needing to continually purchase these products month after month just to have sex.

This is why the idea of ejaculatory exercises and training is so appealing for many men when they first come across the idea. The idea is that once you build up the skills and become proficient at ejaculatory control, you will no longer need any products at all.

The Full Stamina Movement

Such has been the popularity of this new form of training that a whole community and movement has sprung up and is where many men go to find a coach, sign up for a course or simply get tips on how to improve their workouts.


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